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When in meetings or presenting on another monitor, or working on another monitor, Teams displays as "Away".. Can Teams not recognize Webex meetings, working on another computer/monitor? Even Skype can recognize but not Teams. Repaired Teams, did not fix the issue.. Uninstalled and installed again, but still the same. Why can Teams not recognize presentation on the screen or working on another monitor? Teams is a very poor application. Great concept but very poorly built. 

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Oh WOW I just googled and saw hundreds of posts for this issue where Teams displays INCORRECT status and shows "Away" even while the user is not away... Since more than 3 years this issue has been reported and Microsoft has done NOTHING???  Just shows how dedicated this company is towards its customers and it is surprising that companies still use Teams!!!! If I had the deciding  power, I would first ask Microsoft to FIX issues and then market its products. Why come out with products that make life miserable?

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Just FYI. Teams just released a real time presence update. It is now much more accurate for internal and external users. It will detect any activity on the computer but it still might not respect presenting on other platforms. That isn’t something all the platforms are going to know what each one is doing. If teams starts utilizing OS focus assist that might tie better to presence. Anyway just wanted to say an update that fixes all that status complaining has just went live in the past week.

@Chris Webb  Thank you but it was working fine for me till a few weeks ago. I had this issue in the beginning of the year, and an update fixed it.. Now since two weeks same issue. And I disagree with your statement "That isn’t something all the platforms are going to know what each one is doing"..  Teams could do it until these two weeks so now what is the problem? Why does Teams show me away when I am presenting on Webex on another monitor that is connected to the computer? And how come Teams shows me Away in 5 minutes? I cannot even take down notes or if I am on a call helping somebody and sharing my monitor it shows me Away!!! For my work, it is easier for me to use the monitor as it has a bigger screen than my computer and imagine my supervisor calling me because Teams shows me Away most of the day!!! Ridiculous. If Skype could detect presence what is wrong with Teams? Poorly built is what I say. And we the consumers have to suffer because of this poorly built application. 

HUNDREDS if not thousands of complaints for Teams displaying incorrect status but Microsoft is LEAST BOTHERED!!!!!!! Goes to say what crap products they come out with and we consumers have to suffer for their lack of ethics in coming out with such products. My question for Microsoft - How many years would it take you to fix a problem that was created by YOUR product?

@Chris Webb  It will detect any activity on the computer - Really? Sounds like a joke because even today it does not detect presence when in Webex meetings. It does not detect presence when I am presenting timed slides which does not involve use of mouse. Unless the touch pad of mouse activity is detected Teams is NOT capable of real time presence update. I still state, this is a useless software which has made lives miserable. 

Teams shows me as away while I am literally chatting in it.  I have been searching from the Teams search bar and it still shows me as away and that is after explicitly telling it to mark my status as available.  Teams just plain does not work.  User activity is not even that hard a concept to code for.

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Hi Chris , Is this update also working for the Android-version of Teams ?

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Or not. Here I am in Nov. '21 actively typing messages/communicating with co-workers on Teams (and have been for a while) - and there is a yellow dot next to my pic and the status says Away. How irritating.
Same bad experience here.



+1 for that - it used to have a problem with the Away status appearing erroneously a few months ago - and it just started doing it again today for at least 2 people in the organisation  - including me!


I have the desktop client open and the Android client not opened on my screen-locked phone.

Hi Jeff. I also have the Android client on my phone, but not opened intentionally. I tried to uninstall, but was rejected due to company policy. Then I turned off the phone ... and the issue disappeared!
My conclusion is, that the phone client sees me as inactive and updates my status on the server.
So Microsoft, if you read this: Always use the most active state, reported from any client, as the one that counts.

I found this thread when googling this issue. I thought I'd just post this statement...ITS 2022 AND STILL AN ISSUE MICROSOFT!!! 

@Neilyes I agree, says I am away on Windows, Android says available, manual change does not take effect, same as the past year, even with updates.

still an issue, and consistently inconsistent.

some people are away and show as aviailabe 24x7 in my org.
Today, I've been 'away' all morning; and am still away; Users shouldn't need to hit 'reset status' while they are actively typing in the teams client multiple times per day.