Teams displaying incorrect Out Of Office presence for a user

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Recently came across an issue with Teams presence. The user's presence status shows Available/Busy etc, but is always appended with an Out Of Office message even when no OOF is set in Outlook.

Skype for Business Online client shows correct presence.


What we have done so far?

Updated Teams client to latest version

Signed out and signed back into Teams

Toggled OOF status off and back on again in Outlook and OWA and restarted Teams; OOF message still shows up

Reset presence status on Teams web client, no change, the issue is reproduced in Teams web client as well

Checked on forums and a few articles that have experienced this issue have the same steps as above


Has anyone seen this issue and have any recommendations? 

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Are you seeing the automatic reply message or just the - Out of Office appended?

If it’s the later the. Check the users calendar they most likely are flagging travel or out of office meetings as “show as” set to out of office which will also set teams to show out of office. Not just automatic replies will change to that status.
Shouldnt that also affect Skype presence?
No don’t think so, don’t think Skype has support for out of office like Teams does.
I also would like to mention that the status sticks out all the time. If it would have been due to flagging of out of office meetings, then the OOF status should only show for the duration of the meeting. Isnt it?
True. But make sure there isn’t some crazy long multi day meeting / appointment that was set marked as OOF which I’ve seen cause this confusion before. Usually tell folks to Mark our of office time as tentative in calendars so it doesn’t allow booking but still keeps your status free. But that may not be your issue here.

If you don’t see anything in calendar and automatic replies are off then I’d submit a ticket cause outside of that it sounds like it could just be stuck.