Teams disconnects when hitting "transfer" or "consult and transfer"

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Wondering if anyone faced similar issues or can point me in the right direction. 

* Client answers call queue

* Client tries to "consult and transfer" or "transfer" and before you can even search for a user to transfer/consult it will disconnect the call

* As a work around we have been parking incoming calls 

* we're using Direct routing, ticket open with MSFt and our SBC provider but it's a slow process with fingers pointing back at each other...

* i have tested by calling client direct via teams using email and transfr



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I would certainly take a look at the call analytics of the user, via the Teams admin Centre. It is amazing the amount of info you can get regarding a call.

Not a solution but might help narrow down the issue and put those fingers away :)







Thanks Henry, I signed into teams as the client on my PC and did some testing from my mobile, issue continues so proves Network infrastructure not at fault as we use teams within our business no problems.


Oddly only half the calls seem to drop during the "transfer" or "consult and transfer" and sometimes it even works the first time, then you resume call and hit transfer again and call drops. 


Checked the call logs for the user, attached debug excel file and overview shows response code: N/A along with some other odd info I couldn't find any details for which looks suspicious

Cnd_Skype_ResultDetail: Trouter client failed to deliver Http message.
Cnd_Skype_ResultCode: 404
Skype_ResultDetail: CallEndReasonLocalUserInitiated

I have forward this onto MSFT ticket which they can hopefully make sense of.

teams error.png


we are facing the same issue. Is there any feedback from support in the meantime?


Which SBC are you using?



Is there any fix being rolled out for this issue yet? It's a known problem but doesn't seem to be being resolved? Our MD is questioning why we purchased teams licenses if the most simple thing of transferring a call isn't going to work



In our case it was the wrong position of our REFER rule. Has to be first entry in Call Routing Table "from MS Teams". We are using Ribbon SBC 1K Version 9. 


MS Teams Call Transfers Failing for Direct Routing - Microsoft Tech Community




Facing similar issues with Direct Routing and Microsoft customers. This needs to be fixed!

Just got a couple of calls from customers facing the exact same behavior. Not 100% of the users, which is even more strange as they all share the same infrastructure (SBC, network). Anybody has any update on this?



I've had the same issue reported to me today by one of our employees. They tried to 'consult and transfer', but no-one answered, and when trying to resume the call, the line just dropped?


We are using pure Microsoft cloud Teams, no other 3rd parties involved.


Yet another Teams bug, I really don't understand why Microsoft persist in adding fancy features that hardly anyone uses rather than ironing out the bugs in the box standard features?