Teams Directory Issue

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 I used to have a Teams account through that I used at work that was tied to my personal email address. I had started a free Azure account to learn Azure directory but never did anything with it. About two years ago, that email got compromised when Google leaked all my username and passwords to the web. A Microsoft rep helped me get a new email address/password and move my Microsoft 365 subscription and One Drive content over to the new account. Fast forward to today. I'm trying to set up a new free Teams account. When I log in with my current outlook email, it has somehow tied my current email to the outlook email from two years ago. It has the old email as the Domain account and my current email as the user. I can't access the old email at all. I've called into Microsoft several times. No one knows how to help me. I get transferred around yet my issue remains. When a company sends me a link for an interview, the link will not open in my desktop. It only opens in the web application. So, I don't have access to any of the features I used to have. This is extremely frustrating and has been going on for almost a year.

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@TriciaP I can't start to offer an opinion on how to unpick your accounts, but its worth noting that you don't need to have logged into Teams to join a meeting using the client. Just leave it logged out and click the link to join the meeting.

@Steven Collier Thanks for the information. I also learned that I could have used my Gmail account; however, it still opened up in the web browser and not the desktop app which didn't give me all the cool features like the virtual backgrounds. Since I was doing a business meeting, I would have liked to have been able to utilize that feature and not have everyone see into my bedroom. I've since had to improvise with a backdrop (extremely inconvenient) or just request not to use Teams but opt for WebEx or Zoom.