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Hi All,

We have hybrid environment. We are migrating user from sfb on prem to teams.

I follow the below steps to move user and enable for teams ev through direct routing

After assigning number in sfb online and upgrade policy to teams. I am able to make outbound call.

Issue is when making calls it shows unknown number as caller id and when external user dial my number it says number not assigned. In sbc it shows the unassigned number but when run get-csonline user -identity it shows ev enable. Please advice
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When you run Get-CsOnlineUser, do you show the phone number assigned under LineURI?  If not, that would be why.


Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity user@domain.tld | Select LineUri,OnPremLineURI
Set-CsOnlineUser -Identity user@domain.tld -OnPremLineUri 'tel:PhoneNumber`


Make sure the phone number is in a properly formatted E.164 format.

@jangliss  Thanks for the reply. Yes  it phone number when use PS but not in admin portal. if you see the 1st screenshoo, it shows online instead of onprem( which ideally show when number is through direct routin)





Looking at the first screen, it looks like you have Enterprise Voice disabled.


Set-CsUser -Identity username@domain.tld -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true


You might also want to look at HostedVoiceMail as well, otherwise the end user won't have voicemail.

@jangliss  Enabling EV also not working as expected



Do you have the exact error message the SBC is getting?  Can you share the output of:


Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity 'username@domain.tld' | select -ea SilentlyContinue *voice*,*enter*,*line*,mco*


Do other users work correctly with Direct Routing?




SBC erro is number assigned when someone dial DID