Teams Direct Routing - SBC TLS inactive

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Hello Teams Community,


Please i need your help on this.


In the Teams Direct Routing dashboard our SBC is showing up with a TLS Connectivity Status of Inactive.


Examining the cert loaded on, its root signing certificate is Sectigo (AAA) with the Subject Key Identifier of “a0110a233e96f107ece2af29ef82a57fd030a4b4”.


To verify this was correct we accessed the following through the screenshot below which contains the Microsoft CA certificate list.


From it we noted that Sectigo ] AAA Certificate Services is listed and when we downloaded the cert from there we noted that its Subject Key Identifier on the cert is also “a0110a233e96f107ece2af29ef82a57fd030a4b4”. Screenshots attached.


Do you have any idea why our TLS connectivity status is showing as Inactive? When I click on the error it says "Inactive. The trunk never connected." Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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If the certificate is ok, I would check connectivity/firewall, there's got to be SIP Options between the SBC and Microsoft infra.
Was anything changed recently at that level?