Teams Direct Routing Busy on Busy with Sim Ringing

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Hi all,


I was wondering if you encounter the same behaviour in your environment when using direct routing with Busy on Busy enabled:


When our colleagues are in a call and someone else is calling them, the caller receives a busy signal. This is the expected behaviour and is working fine. 

However, in case you have setup simultanesously ringing in the Teams Client to a mobile device, the call is still ringing on the mobile device, even when you are in a call within your Teams client. In addition to that, the Teams client is showing a missed call notification, even if you accept the call on the mobile device. The caller does not hear any busy signal. 


I have compared it to Skype for Business, where the Busy on Busy option is also preventing the Server to call the mobile phone number, that was added in the enabled Sim Ringing feature. 


Do you also encounter this kind of behaviour in your environment? We have many colleagues who use Sim Ringing in Skype for Business and it could be very annoying for them if the second device is always ringing while beeing on a call in Teams. 


Thanks and greets,

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Probably not giving you a helpful answer but it's not just you, seems to be the standard Teams behaviour. All I can see is that if the Calling Policy was amended for those people who you've enabled Busy On Busy for. If you turned off Call forwarding and Sim Ringing in the policy then that would stop the user obviously being alerted on his forwarded number? Bit extreme but at the moment the only suggestion I can make.
thanks for your answer!
Yeah I already thought, that is might be a default behaviour of Teams at the moment. However, I just wanted to ask, if someone else is also encountering this behaviour to make sure, that this not a problem on our site :)
As you pointed out, disabling these features is not a good possibility for us, because most of our users like to use this feature. Maybe some users will start to use the mobile app instead of always sim ringing their mobile phone number in the office, but for users with just a DECT this could become a bit annoying or they need to switch their forwarding settings more often throughout the day.
As I already said - Thanks for the answer and suggestion!
Have a nice weekend!


Dear Markus,

we have the same issue in our Direct Routing environment.

Mobile phone is ringing via simultaneous calling even though busy-on-busy is active.