Teams dialer not searching GAL when room starts with a number




On our largest campus we have multiple buildings and the room names have always started with the building number. We've noticed that the teams dialer on all devices (PC, Hub, Teams Room) will not search the GAL for rooms when the room starts with a number.    Teams automatically assumes you are calling a phone number and simply won't make an attempt to search the GAL.   

Short of renaming all of our rooms, anybody know of any settings/reg hacks to get the dialer to act different?  

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Hi @Christopher Neuendorf

I have heard similar stories about this. It's clearly a limitation of the dialer. So I would raise this on uservoice as a feature request whilst uservoice is still around before it transitions to something else

I can't see this either being added as a feature, or fixed as a bug for some time. So if you want it to correct and get the functionality, renaming will be the way. However, I would be interested if you could get away from a total rename by simply putting a # in front of the number and see if that works. That may at least save a little time

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris