Teams Dial Plan on Teams Phone \ Limit what can be called


Requirement is to have a phone which is outside the office in the corridor.
Couriers etc can use the phone to dial reception and ask to be let in _ that should be the extent of what can be called


What I have to work with is

  • A Teams Phone
  • CAP license
  • MS Calling Plan


My first thought was to use MS calling plan + dial plan

.* => Translates a set number +1......

On the desktop client this works. On the teams phone not _ it fails

(On an android phone I do see a little more "+1...+1... is not a valid number". Note sure what is going on there)



^555$ => Translates a set number +1......

This works universally but doesn't achieve what I am after.


A method to use a Teams phone that can only calls a limited range of internal numbers


Any thoughts advice welcome

Just base suggestions on what I have to work with please!

Thanks for any advice


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I have resolved my issue
1. I created a dial plan that translated ^(\d*)$ to +1...... (Number belongs to a internal user)
2. I assigned the most restrictive teamsipphonepolicy to the CAP account
3. For the account (via TAC.. PS options available), voice, outbound calling set to "don't allow"
4. Net result is that calling any number generally goes to +1.... which belong to the internal user
5. Dialling E164 result in breaking through the dial plan but the message "we couldn't complete the call" comes up