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Hi everyone,


I have a big client in UAE with a question about MS Teams Dial In Conferencing.


Currently, in MS docs, it says for the UAE country:

Are toll numbers available? (NO)

Are toll-free numbers available?  (YES)


So when I go to Teams Admin, under Conference Bridge, I can't see UAE number for Shared Toll number I had to add a dedicated toll-free number and communication credit.


My question is : whenever someone dial in to a conference, the charges are deducted from the communication credit? or only when someone wants to call out a phone number and add a remote participant by calling his phone?


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It is when someone dials in to this number it will be deducted from your credits. So for one person the rate is 39.1 USD cents per minut. If you have a conference going on for 30 minutes and 5 people dialling in to this number it will be deducted 58 USD (5 x 0.391 x 30).

Read more about the rates here:
Hi @Ammar Hasayen,

Here are the scenarios for communication credits being deducted

It would be for both

- Add toll-free numbers to use with Audio Conferencing meetings, auto attendants, or call queues. Toll-free calls are billed per minute and require a positive Communications Credits balance.
- Dialing out from an Audio Conference meeting to add someone else from anywhere in the world.
- Dialing out from an Audio Conference meeting to your mobile phone with the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app installed to destinations that aren't already included in your subscription

Hope that answers your questions

Best, Chris

@Ammar Hasayen 

Thank you for your post. How did you add a dedicated toll-free number for UAE? I have followed the instructions here but the UAE doesn't show up in the drop down options of country list.


@FBCgulf I checked now and can't get UAE numbers anymore so something changed. Since it is listed as available in the docs I suggest that you contact Microsoft Support.