Teams devices stuck in Custom Setup.

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Teams won't accept default or any devices.  We have followed all articles for uninstall, clean apps data/registry, clean download and clean install.

We also tested teams in edge and chrome - devices still locked out and frozen at custom setup.

teams works when in firefox.

This happens in multiple profiles.

We've updated all browsers. and cannot get teams to load the devices in the above listed instances.

Environment change - KB 5015807 - Uninstall does not fix.

Any help would be appreciated.

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@Christopher Hoard 




I have just read the question/answer in this thread.

I have tried what you have suggested but to no avail.

Any further suggestions?



try to use another windows profile on the same PC, and feedback.
I'm experiencing the same problem. I've attempted all the troubleshooting steps, but my devices are still not being detected. This issue occurs on a daily basis, and the only solution seems to be restarting my laptop, which is something I really want to avoid.