Teams Devices (Phone) _ Management and Join SFB Meeting


Question\advice is in two parts


1. Device Management

Is there a power shell option to allow selection of devices\configuration of updates?


Intent is to choose devices in a site and configure them for updates.

  • I can’t see a way to select multiple devices form the GUI for the purpose of pushing updates.
  • Also I can't see a way to target devices in a site (ie no IP subnet data listed. Cross referencing users to a location is feasible but for any scale PS option would be needed) 

2. Join a SFB Meeting

What is the intended experience from a Teams Phone?

When I say that in the calendar Teams meetings have a “Join” button and works well.

Some SFB Meetings have a “Dial” button, but not all.

Also the dial fails. Ie rather then dialing +44 20 3321 5213 it is dialing +44 44 20 3321 5213 for eg. (Invite in this example is from an SFB O hosted user)



It would be excellent if we could manage all devices using O365 rather then having to have a third party solution


User experience will be poor if from a teams device the user can't join a SFB meeting _ not least as invites coming from third parties are still in the main SFB ones


Any comments welcome _ not least as I may be missing something obvious!