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Is there any PowerShell module available that can list or assign configuration profiles on Teams Devices?

Thank you in advance.



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To get started, you'll need to install the MicrosoftTeams module by running the following command in PowerShell:


Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams


Once the module is installed, you can use the following commands to list or assign configuration profiles:

To list configuration profiles on Teams devices:




Get-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy -Identity <ProfileName>


To assign a configuration profile to a Teams device:


Set-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy -Identity <DeviceIdentity> -ProfileId <ProfileId>


Where <DeviceIdentity> is the unique identifier for the device (such as its serial number), and <ProfileId> is the unique identifier for the configuration profile. You can obtain the ProfileId by running the Get-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy command.


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Thank you for your fast response.


Can you please post documentation and Module version because Google cannot find those commands.

I modified the commands in the above post, can you try please to use them and let me know if its works for you.


Commands do not work as those are not Teams Device Configuration Profiles.




Please refer to the below links for commands and make sure to install the team's module. I am not sure if this module was deprecated recently
We are missing the point of entire thread.
Teams Policies (Including IP Phone Policy) are assigned to USERS.
Teams Configuration Profiles are assigned to DEVICES.

I need Teams Configuration Profiles PowerShell Commands. MS Graph or not.

@Kljaja82 I agree with you.

The teams ipPhonePolicy should not be confused with a Configuration Profile. 


  • Teams IP phone policies enable you to configure the different sign-in experiences based upon the function the device is performing; example: common area phone. They are tied to the account/UPN that is tied to the phone. 


  • Configuration Profiles allow you to set things like Language, Dateformat, Timezone etc.. they are tied to the devices. 


I cannot find a way to create or assign configuration profiles via the Teams Powershell Module nor graph API. 


In my case, we have a client who is considering moving over 20K physical phones to teams across different geographic regions. Not being able to set language or timezone programmatically is a big limitation.




@Kljaja82 There does seem to be an unpublished API to make changes programmatically to configuration profiles and apply them using

(This is in fact the API that the Teams Admin Center uses. )

There's an interesting blog and sample script here where he shows how to programmatically bulk change 400 devices!


This being said, I did a pretty deep comparison of using config profiles vs using vendor portals (such as YMCS for Yealink and PolyLens for Poly) and for now seems those portals offer more stability and options as well as API programmability to configure the IP phones.