Teams device phones missing and offline

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I have deployed approximately 60 teams' phones such as Poly CCX400 and Yealink MP54. I noticed only 53 are showing in the portal and 7 are missing but are working on site (one of them is on my desk). Also, after the last firmware was pushed out, half of them now show as "Offline". However, we have physically checked some of the phones, they are online and are completely working even though they are offline on the portal. 


I also have two phones (Yealink-MP54) that have been updated and one shows the offline error and the other functions normally. I do not know if this is a device issue or a team's issue. All phones are working but the status is just not accurate. 


@Linus Cansby 

I really need an urgent reply. Thank you. 

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There was a recent thread on MP54's here


Re: Yealink phones is appearing offline - Microsoft Tech Community


Where it got to was as follows


'I guess you have tried to sign out and sign in again from your phone? I suggest that you remove the device from TAC and register it again, if the issues are not resolved after reboot'


cc'ing in @Linus Cansby who tested with the MP54 and provided the recommendation


Hope this helps


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Since there are so many devices you have an issue with and you can relate the problem to a recent firmware update, I suggest that you report this to Microsoft Support.