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I have a Teams device where when added to a Teams meeting, that device is in the lobby until the organizer starts the meeting. I already enabled the Automatically admit people "in the organization" under Meeting policies. What else could I be missing? 

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Hi @Jeff Harlow, can you provide some more information's for us? What Teams Device are you writing about? Is the registered user a Microsoft Teams user from your organization? How do you join the meeting? With a "one click to join"-experience? Or do you dial the PSTN meeting dialin phone number and use the meeting ID to join?

I have a Logitech Rally Plus with a NUC and Tap attached. The Nuc is configured for a Zoom Room as that is our default for this conference room.   The device setup is using the login that has a Teams license.  Everything seems to be working as expected except for the device does not automatically connect to a meeting. We are using the One Click to Join from the interface.  Thanks


@Thorsten Pickhan 

Hi @Jeff Harlow, where did you enabled "Admit persons from organization"? In the global Meeting policy or in a user-based policy?

Is the behaviour as expected if you schedule a meeting and a colleague from you joins the meeting first? A second option is to schedule a Teams meeting with your account and to invite the MTR. Then, open the meeting with your account and customize the meeting options as you like (Admit users from my org or Admit everyone) [three dots -> Meeting options]. Then go to your meeting room and join with the MTR. What is behaviour?


Currently I don't know what the identity is when you configure WebExt or Zoom as primary meeting app and Microsoft Teams as second app. I know that there is a one-click-to-join experience because scheduled Teams are listed on the home screen of the control panel. But I don't know if you join with a Teams user identity or something similar. 

@Thorsten Pickhan We are using the Meeting Policies - Org Global for the admit Everyone in the Org setting.  I'll have to run another test next week when I am in the office regarding your question about the behavior.  I was hoping someone else has done a Zoom device before. I know most folks would be going the other way which was my preference but we all know IT does not always get to control everything :) 



@Thorsten Pickhan 

Hello Thorsten, I am back in the office this week.  Here is what I am doing. I am creating the meeting in my own calendar and adding the room (room finder) which adds the room as an attendee.  With no changes, when the MTR joins the meeting, they are left in a lobby until someone invites them. It can be anyone that starts the meeting on their device.  Now if I modify the Meeting Options as you mention to allow everyone, then the MTR automatically joins without waiting.  


Ok, perfect so far, @Jeff Harlow . Thanks for your feedback. It is possible that you do the same test with one of your colleagues? Afterwards we will know if the policy you modified is working in general.

Because a Teams user from your organization bypass the lobby (hopefully).

If so, we have to check why your MTR isn't recognized as valid Teams user from your org. It can be that this is the behavior by default because the room device is configured to use another meeting platform as default.

But first, let check the behavior with one your colleagues first.

@Thorsten Pickhan  Any other meeting (user to user) works as expected. It does seem to act like the device is external but it is setup to login as a user from the Zoom Admin settings.  Even when the device is in the lobby, it is listed as the user expected, so that seems to confirm that it is coming in as the expected user. 

Hi @Jeff Harlow, sorry to say that but I assume that your device isn't authenticated as an internal Teams User from your organization. That's why the Zoom meeting device has to wait in the lobby when joining the Teams Meeting.

I found the following press release from Zoom and there Zoom is talking about "joining Teams meeting as a guest"

Zoom Enhances Interoperability with Zoom Rooms Direct Guest Join Capability for Microsoft Teams Meet...


Also I found an article from Graham Walsh where he describes the other way: how to join a Zoom meeting from a Microsoft Teams Room Device. Here you can read and see, that the MTR only opens a web session and will do a guest join, too, whithout authentication.

Microsoft Teams Room Guest Join Access for Zoom | (


So, I assume it works like designed. For a final check you can look into the user activities for your user in the Teams Admin Center. Here you should find the Conference call with the Zoom device and get some details if the meeting device was authenticated as a Teams user or not.

@Thorsten Pickhan RATS!  I was afraid that was going to be the answer.  These devices do not play well with each other in the end.  We started off with a Teams device and had to switch to a Zoom device. Neither works great in interop and in an ideal world, I suppose you only use ONE solution. Sadly, in our situation and hardly believe we are the only ones, that just is not the case.    


I do feel that the Zoom device is a bit more refined that Teams. That will probably be different in a year from now.  For the record if others come searching. We moved from a Teams device, as Zoom meetings were having audio issues. We are using a Logitech Rally Plus solution with a Nuc/Tap.  They both work great if you are exclusive to one service. 

Hi Jeff, was just reading through the thread and assumed you were using Guest Join for Teams from your Zoom room. That is treated as an external unauthenticated user. Thorsten got to the article before me :)

The option you could look at is the Logitech Swytch to add onto your Tap solution, to allow BYOD, so you then use your desktop client to join the meeting and that would be authenticated but using the Rally mic and speakers and Front of Room display.