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Hi everyone, just want to mention that simple operations like clicking the link "reply" in a channel takes an average time of 1-2 secondes for the textbox to show. A moment ago, I made several consecutive attempts and many took up to 5 seconds before I could start typing my message. For a moment I wondered if I had misclicked, but then it appeared after being patient enough. It may sound like something unimportant, but I find it very irritating for someone who is used to work fast.

I could also mention the delays when I switch from channel to channel. It always takes a moment, like a second or two. I don't think this is too far fetch to wish that switching tabs should be near instantaneous. Isn't there a cache that would allow to restore the previous tab without doing any network activity ?

workstation : windows 10, i7, 64 gb of ram

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I do see you have a pretty good specs workstation but still the behavior of MS Teams is slow on your machine.... i have Half of what specs you have like mine is Core i5, with 32 GB RAM Win10 but pretty happy with the speed of Teams and works well....

i would suggestion removing the MS Teams completely and reinstalling will surely fix it as I did had another issues while totally removing fix that issues.
Hi, thank your for you answer.

Just to be sure, are your saying you don't face those delays (at all ) ? Can you do the test and confirm whether it's instantaneous or if it takes like a second or two ? I just redid the test, and now it's quite fast, like under a second, but still with a visible delay. The thing is, sometimes it's "viable", sometimes it's slow, and sometimes it's awful
Wow, with that HW Teams simply should fly. I have a Surface Book 2 with only 8 GB of RAM and Teams is working as it should

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can you give me the times you get , in your estimation ? are you saying it's instantaneous ? What does "as it should" mean ? Let's compare something that I consider very smooth : tab switch in google chrome. I can have as many tabs as I want, even two hundreds, and it will never affect the speed to which I can switch tab. As far as I can see, it's instantaneous. Same thing with any textboxes. I dont have  to wait 1-2 seconds every time I type something in the address bar.