Teams desktop - I can hear all sounds in headphones, but not voice sound

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Hello everyone!


This is my first post here! I this id not a right place to do so, please point me, where to go.


After last update, I have problem with sound. I can't find what my Teams version is. The whole pack is Microsoft Office 365 Plus v1708.


The problem: Microsoft Teams plays voice sound in laptop speakers, instead my headphones. But all other sounds are played in headphones, eg. ringing sound, system sounds etc.
The problem is only in the Teams desktop. My headphones are set as default sound device and default communication device. There is no such problem in Skype, or in Teams online.


Before last Teams update everythig was fine.


Please help.



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Have someone call you and click the cog wheel in the top right during the call and re select your sound device for speakers. Seems this got changed for some reason and the only way to change the setting is during a call currently.



Thank you for your response. Your workaround really works! Even after restarting my laptop.

Once the setting is changed, the Teams remembers it.


Thank you again!



@Robert Posłuszny 


same problema here...

Bluetooth Sony wh-ch500 headset/built-in mic. 

No sound from Microsoft.Teams video calls. built-in mic, ok. 


Any other software, sound ok...

The cogwheel setting during a call, dosen´t work yet..



Has anyone heard of any fixes for this yet? I'm having the same issue.

It seems to have been going on for some time.





You can go to manage sound device and disable the speaker. 

@puneetsurolia I tried disabling the speakers but the issue persists.


Switching from bluetooth to pc speaker and back again during the call fixes it temporarily, but then bluetooth audio cuts out again after a couple of minutes.

Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?

facing the same issue. can hear everything except voice sound on teams. using JBL quantum one. the mic works and everyone on call can hear me but their sound is played on laptop speaker only and not on headphones.

So strange, my Onedio headphones, connected with a 3.5mm jack have been working for months and yesterday, they stopped working exactly with the same pattern that I see here. On any laptop, I can hear music, videos and use the hedphones' mic to communicate, except in TEAMs where now I can't hear people talking to me, but still can hear the ring tones and such. Is it related to my TEAMS' configuration? I tried to play with the settings in WIndows and in TEAMS with no success. I plug other headphones from other brands and they work in TEAMS, I'm so confused about that situation!

Are there any Microsoft technicians reading our comments?

Bump. I am having same issue

@satyavachan7 me too - and the weird thing is that I had full audio and mic start of the morning then suddenly - IN TEAMS ONLY - headset wasnt working. Can have ordinary conversations via WhatsApp web or any other messaging platform - plus can hear audio (from Twitter, YouTube etc.) perfectly well....


C'mon Microsoft - this is a growing issue - and its Teams related - nothing to do with anyone headsets!

Same issue here - All audio output (ex: Youtube) and input (Google Voice Search) is routed through my BT headphones - but not teams call.

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I recently encountered a similar issue using a Jabra wireless headset with Microsoft Teams on Windows 10.  Previously the headset had been working fine for Teams audio.  Then suddenly it stopped working in Teams calls/meetings.  The microphone still worked (people could hear me), but I wasn't getting any audio sound out when I selected that device in Teams for my "Speaker".  The headset still worked fine to listen to other applications (like playing a video in Streams).  The Teams audio still worked fine with two other devices.


Someone advised me to try updating Teams.  Under "Program Files (x86)" then "Teams Installer" then launch "Teams.exe".  Click through the prompts if necessary to download and open the EXE file.  After that completes, open Teams and test again using that audio device.  It worked to resolve my issue.  I hope this is helpful.


Unfortunately it didn't work for me.