Teams Desktop App Not Logging In

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I use the personal teams app and I get "You're not on Teams yet, but you can set it up for your organization."

I do not have a linked work account.

If I 'sign up for free' the web app version opens with my personal account fine.

The desktop app does not seem to work. 

Any help appreciated.


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@qmatthew, are you using the Teams Personal desktop app? As they have a separate app for Teams Personal accounts.
You can download it here:

Or just open the Microsoft Teams app (that you maybe already use at work) and click on your profile picture and select “add personal account”.

Let me know if this helped.

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Mitchell Bakker

@Mitchell Bakker yes i went through the support dance and got the link to the personal app.  My employer does use teams but they don't have my personal email nor am I using the same computer ... so I doubt there's any duplications. No one can seem to tell me how to confirm this (as the support guy thought this was the problem) without going to my employer (brillant).


Any other suggestions ?

thanks for the reply - really appreciate it.





Do you get an error message or notification upon login?
Not sure in what time zone you are located, but maybe we can do a quick teams call to see if I can assist/help to get this solved for you?
Use below link to schedule a call with me :grinning_face:

Stay healthy and stay safe,
Mitchell Bakker

@qmatthew Did you ever figure out the solution to this? I am having the exact same problem and and the only solution I have gotten from Microsoft has been "well, just use the web version". SIGH. 

Same problem here @ClaireMeier 

@AllanBirnbaum no sorry I never got this resolved.