Teams Desktop App not connecting to Google Drive, Zoom

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We're having an issue with being unable to connect the desktop app for Teams with Google Drive and Zoom. (The web browser app is able to connect with no issue.)


When attempting to enable Google Drive or Zoom, it allows me to enter in the login information, but then an error message appears:


Google Drive Error.JPGZoom Error.JPG

It was suggested that there was some permission issue, but when trying to login to the Admin Center to see if it could be resolved there, we received an error "[website] isn't in our system. Make sure you typed it correctly." (This was when inputting an administrator's work email address.)


I suspect it is a Teams issue with the desktop app, as I'm able to connect to Google Drive with no issue on Teams when using the web browser version.


The Microsoft 365 tech support person I spoke with was unable to resolve this issue, and suggested posting to this forum. Any suggestions for how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello, What OS are you using?

I assume that everything is good in the Teams Admin Center in regards of adding Google Drive as additional storage, correct?


I'm using Windows 10. Thanks!

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


As per my original post, we're not able to log in to the Teams Admin Center, so I'm unable to check. I am able to access Google Drive through MS Teams when I'm in the web browser version of Teams, but not on the desktop version, so I don't think it's a permission issue in the Admin Center. Thanks!



I am having this exact same issue.  Zoom works fine when I start it either independently from the web, or from the Teams web interface, but will not work from the teams desktop app.  (I don't know about Google Drive, since I don't use it).


I too am using Windows Version 10.


Any help would be appreciated!