Teams (Desktop app) - need more noticeable notifications on Teams Desktop App

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At work, I have had skype as our primary messaging app for considerable years.

But now, my team is moving towards using Teams group. I have Teams desktop application installed alongside Skype.

In using the Teams app, I am facing a major problem of NOT noticing chat/team/group messages. The taskbar icon just has a static message counter on it. If someone messages me while I have stepped out, I won't notice the static taskbar icon and will miss it until a new message arrives or as late as the next day. It is not all noticeable. Quick replies are expected of an instant messaging app (I know it is much more than an IM app)

I have never faced such an issue with Skype as the highlight on the skype taskbar icon keeps blinking until I read all the messages.


There is a feature to use windows based notifications but windows notifications are not that great.

Is anyone else facing such issues? Any solution is really appreciated.

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I guess there are a few ways to increase the awareness of notification. Using windows you can set the banners to stay longer. You can set missed activity emails to send directly in case you are away from the computer for example
I don't check emails that often(once in maybe about 1 hour) so it is not that helpful.
I can try windows notifications, but because a lot of other apps send windows notifications, I tend to just ignore it all together.

Can you suggest an official email address to submit feature requests for persistence notification or maybe a blinking taskbar icon for teams?
I found toggling "Show Message Preview" in the settings under "Missed Activity Emails" made it a little more noticable. But I agree, there ought to be ways to extend the time the messages "pop up". Good luck.

Currently (Feb 2024) the only way to do this seems to be reverting to classic teams, either use classic teams or keep the desktop teams running (you can close it but have setting to keep it running) while using new teams in a browser. Classic Teams settings should be


including "Feed" under the editable sections (Chat, etc.) whereever you can set it. (Despite the fact that basic chat messages only show "Banner" and not "Feed", basic chats will 'stick' in the Windows Activity Center/Feed.)

I and others have looked up and down at the new teams and can't find any way to do this without Classic Teams.

It seems crazy, since users think of Chat like they think of phone texting-- but really, with new teams they are better off sending an email, notifications for emails will "stick", and the missed activity email time isn't reliable.