Teams default opens 'Posts' - adds more clicks

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When selecting a team the very fist screen presented is the 'Posts'. We do not use this page in any of our teams and this will always add another click to get to the preferred page within the team. (typically 'Files' is the page that the users are trying to get to). may seem trivial but is VERY annoying during a complete day of working within Teams. How is the default app within a team changed?

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@SoreloserMan There is no way to change the default. Maybe you should re-evaluate your training and how you are using Teams it's just being used as a file dump. You can have a very good file only experience in OneDrive that will show all your Team file locations and is easy to navigate.

Thanks, kind of an in-elegant way to describe how we use Teams! I would say that the Posts app serves no purpose for us, we use different services for it so we continually click past it to gain access to the ones that we do. Anyway, unfortunate to read that this is locked in. I hope for more future granular control.