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Hello Teams community,


I have a question.

A new tenant has been setup .

I see that all services point to Canada (EXO, SPO, SfB) except Teams that point to US.


Now,  knowing that Teams data reside pretty much in EXO, SPO,  I am trying to understand the where the data in Teams are really stored ?  Canada or US?




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@Jean-Philippe Breton Hi, interesting. Maybe the 'important' note will shed some light on why it looks like that for you Location of data in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Perhaps best to reach out to Microsoft for an official and proper response. Teams data is all over the place as you already know, adding Azure (blob storage, Cosmos DB) to your list.



@Jean-Philippe Breton 


The data stored for chat and channels will be stored in the region indicated, so US in this case. When you say it's new, is there a chance it was created some time ago before Canada was an available choice for Teams? Seems unlikely as that was 2018.


Files are stored in SharePoint, so will follow that region. Archives of Teams messages are in Exchange.

@Steven Collier Still the "important note" in the link says: A new tenant is defined as any tenant that hasn’t had a single user from the tenant sign in to Teams or its admin user has never signed in to the Teams admin center... Existing tenants in Brazil and Canada will continue to have their data stored in the Americas. 


But this is out of my comfort zone to be honest!


What's interesting here though is that you can add scenarios such as when missing Stream licenses and still haven't opted in using the new storage location for meeting recordings (OneDrive/SharePoint). Then the recordings are saved to Azure Media for the 21-day deletion countdown. So I totally understand the confusion about the data locations.