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I'm at a point to bulk create a lot of different Teams.

When I create a Team via PowerShell the newly created Team in SharePoint Online is: "Not connected to Microsoft Teams". 


The command I'm using is as following:



New-Team -DisplayName TEST_TEAM_VIA_PS -MailNickName test_via_teams_ps -Owner %username% -Description "Created via Teams PS" -Visibility Private




The difference between the 2 created Teams:




My questions are:


1.  Why is a Team created via PowerShell separately creating a Team and SPO site, but they are not connected?

2. What is the difference between a Team that has a connected SPO site and a Team that has SPO site that is not connected?




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Hi @jebuz ,

the PowerShell command creates first a new M365 group and this new M365 group gets Teamified.

From time to time it can happen, that the M365 group is not completely provisioned in the background and therefor the Teamification fails. In that case, the SharePoint site exists (because the M365 group was created successfully) and the Teamification is missing. Of course, you can Teamify an existing M365 group.

Create a Microsoft Team from SharePoint


If you just started with you Teams Automation project, I would recommend using the Graph API endpoints for it. From my experience it is more stable and offers more options to create and customize Teams.


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Hi @Thorsten Pickhan,


At the moment my knowledge of Graph API is not yet enough to rebuild the automation project to Graph API, maybe for my next project this is a possibility. I'm wondering if there is a way just like with PowerShell to do a Import-Csv and for each loop with Graph API.


So for now I'm going to stick with the PowerShell automation and seek for a way to connect the M365 group and SPO site to each other when Teamification at creation doesn't work.