Teams Creation using a Template via Powershell

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When creating a New-Team via Powershell, has anyone come across or used the "-Template"?

Does anyone know if i can create a Template that i can reference when creating a new Team as seen in the below image.



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Ability to create Team Templates and create Teams from those templates is not available yet but it's coming with the Teams API to be released by Microsoft during summer
Using new-team -template EDU_class will give you a new class team on EDU tenants with an assignment tab, OneNote class notebook etc
So this has nothing to do with creating unique templates ?
I am busy researching a solution to automate the creation of new Teams and by calling on a template would be the perfect scenario.
This would be world class. Am I correct that they are entering summer now ?
You should in a few months be able to create a team based on an existing team from within Teams, choosing what to bring into the new team. Check this announcement for more about the APIs coming:
are there any news for teams creation from Powershell?
thank you in advance

No, there is still no parameter to use a existing template from powershell!


/ Adam

@Renato Rossetti @Nick Botha 


I've recently been blogging about how to provision Teams using PowerShell to call the Microsoft Graph, then calling this from Flow, I've posted the first 3 stories here :-


1. Creating a Team from Flow

2. Adding a Tab to a Teams Channel from Flow

3. Deleting a Tab from Flow


There are other things coming, the Teams roadmap talks about Template Teams coming. There is a graph call at the moment to create a new Team based on another, but I've not found it to be very useful as typically I want to change the tabs etc.


@Steven Collier  is there currently a way to create a template from another Team using the data that was created inside as well as the structure?   Thanks for any direction

No, but You can copy files and folders vis Microsoft Flow after the Teams template is provisioned

@adam deltinger   Thanks for that suggestion

@InBoiseToo if you take the same approach of using Runbooks triggered from Flow you can script basically anything once you find the right API. For example for my customers I have an extension on those scripts that allows my to duplicate a template team, copy all the files, copy all the plans and tasks, and post initial messages. 


What is the Team Powershell version can use the parameter "Template" for Education tenant?


e.g. New-Team -Template EDU_Class