Teams created via MS Teams app do not show in required attendees

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Hi all!
I am an IT admin at our company. At our organisation, we create teams for users programmatically via PowerShell script. But sometimes we need to add a team that we did not create via PowerShell. But recently coworkers informed me, that if they want to schedule a meeting via calendar in Teams, they can't select the desired team in required attendees. But this happens only for a few teams (teams created in the MS Teams app).
So my question is, how can I make sure, that all created teams are shown in the drop-down?



I checked all parameters for both shown teams in PowerShell and they both have the same parameter values (except name and GroupID of course :P)

Thank you all for your help :)

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Hi @OShelper   

Since the community has not yet responded to your post, you might want to seek assistance with other resources that are staffed by authorized Microsoft agents:


  • Ask your IT manager to open a support case or call Microsoft using the support line you were given.  Other options for business subscription admins are listed here:

Get support | Microsoft Docs

Do you know how to trouble shoot? Before posting a problem you should troubleshoot the issue.
I trouble shoot by doing every attempt to click on anything that I could possibly update my user experience with possibilities being attempted and then trying variations of possibilities with other possibilities until I've exausted all options, then I burn the thing. JK, never lose your temper.

I'm sure your doing the right thing and have done all of this to its most logical sense, now its time to attempt the illogical sense and perhaps try alternate methods like uninstalling it and installing it again, if that dont work (God I hope your not at this area of possibilities that you haven't tried as of yet because that means you're getting closer to being at your final standard options of abilities than we like to admit we desire.
After that you could try to uninstall, delete, then retry the download then install.

If you get this complete you could possibly use my suggestion that you help me start a team of you and i thus far and become the powershell understanders and designers to use powershell to fix teams as i believe it has the ability to because i love powershell from what i've experienced, microsoft took my suggestion to rewrite their code to use more and new and already in use terminology for making a microsoft code that runs on commands that are simple as they can be, pretty much if you know how to write at a GED level you're only going to progress. Understanding that to be the best completion of causing an effort from the users to commit to a new standard of coding is the kind of help for health the brain could get after you've gone as far as I have and wound up typing the windows 96 portion of code that was used on the simpsons with that c dos c dos run run dos run and gave up the whole friggin machine (I promise you)

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So excuse me for being unsure but are you suggesting making teams outside of the microsoft power app and including the type of coding that other types of programs use? Well you could contact their website admin via a contact us or feedback system if possible, or search on google "Example open source project" and start fiddling with it to understand how its programming works and if you can see what kind of programming it is you could also start updating the open source project or dev version and message me on facebook messanger as my name is honest too or send me your info at and i'll help you along the way as I know some coding and was able to figure out some power shell performances just by trying logical commands based on what i could see and if you answer any questions i might have about anything im unsure of or dont know and do me better than show me to a website than i'd definitely help you tackle this project. I've been contacting facebook recently about their upgradable software and they've been been responding to my requests to the best of their preference and its just not working so we can possibly initiate our own messaging systems on here if you want and with a written up example of what I'll say to facebook I could possibly achieve contact with their admins before you but provide them your contact information and credentials and inform them of your request with making the user experience be more about the connection than any other option since preference seems to be facebooks neglect to implement my other suggestions or there there just overwelmed by the amount of understandable work i put on their hands they've just been doing the fine tuning of other things and all of that in which case we can contact them and request their expertise to contact us about how they suggest we go forward in making 'Teams' go forward in integrating with the other apps out there. Then they'll possibly inform you of their programs ability in which ever code if they could trust us and we can examine the code, research the criteria of necessary understanding of exactly what it is they use to send from one program to another, and then perhaps simplify it all and make the proper adjustments to powershell using powershell. Then take on the task of making microsoft edge the adjustments it will need to host powershell coding into its abillty by activating the developer options that aren't available yet but we'll do that after we tackle a simpler way to update the process by also getting rid of any need for reboot of the comp if we can by trying it on edge first, working it into being able to be a browser that secures powershell misuse from the process and recognizing any thing we could see of possibilities of danger like a ball with barriers in a yard, eventually we'll get that nice fence up.

So i dont know how ambitious ill be tomorrow because i've been up for five days and am flat broke so i might be alittle moody so try to hit me up asap

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