Teams created from Teams Admin - does not follow naming

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Hi everyone,


since the beginning of our enrollment of Teams i created "special" Teams following a naming convention. This was like


then renaming the display name to = Title


Which gave me a SP Site with /sites/<company>-<purpose>-<title>

And a mailadress with <company>-<purpose>-<title>


I also did that 2 days ago and this is what i am getting now:

/sites/msteams_<random numbers and characters>/

Mail: msteams_<random numbers and characters>

Displayname Teams (after rename): Title

Displayname SharePoint: <company>-<purpose>-<title>


Normally i am following all notifications in the message center very closely - but this is either a temp problem (no incident listed) or is this the new behaviour?!?

My naming convention is down the drain now




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