Teams crashes (both app and web versions) and a PC hard reset is needed

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my daughter uses Teams for home school and very ofter after some time of usage, Teams stops working, only the audio is present and the laptop is completely stuck.

The only way to get out of that situation is a hard reset with the power button.


It happened on the app version, then they suggested me to use the web version but it still crashes.

The laptop is brand new and is a HP 255 G7, AMD Ryzen 3, 8Gb di RAM. Only MS365 is installed.

I tried every step that is recommended for similar issues (disable GPU acceleration, clean cache files, etc.) but none of these worked.


I found on the web hundreds of people complaining for the same problem and it seems to me that all of them have AMD processors. Could it be some kind on incompatibility with AMD?

I use Teams for work an a PC with Intel and it woks fine.


This is my thread in the MS community with some error screens taken when the issue occurred with the desktop version of Teams:

Teams makes Dwm.exe crash and the PC becomes not responsive.

Please help me because this is becoming very frustrating for my daughter.






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Hi, it certainly seems like you have gone through all the usual steps to resolve this. One extra step that may be worth a go is setting up a new Windows 10 user profile on the device. Also, is the Teams App fully up to date and all Windows 10 updates installed? Failing this, it could be worth the drastic step of reloading the Windows 10 OS completely. Never fun, but it may just solve the issue.
Thank you for your answer. Win10 is updated and today I reinstalled the desktop app of Teams, to be sure it's the latest version. I'm not going to reload Win10 on an almost brand new PC without a guarantee of success.
Since both crash, I will tell my daughter to use again the app instead of the browser version and let's see what happens.
I'd like to know if MS is aware of the problem and if they have plan to fix it in the future, since this seem to affect many people not just me.
One link for all:
Hello! I want to say that I too have the same issue. I also have a new laptop (hp 255 g8) with the latest updates on MS Teams. I once had a same problem on Zoom, but as soon as it happened, new update popped up which was for AMD processor users. I hope MS Teams will also fix it soon because it's making my learning process very troublesome. I have to force shutdown my new laptop at least once (sometimes more then once) in order to attend the lecture.