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sometimes at my work we send each other links to files/folders on our internal server. The only problem is in teams when you do that you get the persons name instead of the link.


So they sent me a link to a folder, I select the link in the text and copy it. However if past that into windows explorer I just get the time and their name. 


[15:12] Firstname Lastname


Is there a way to get it to not include the Firstname Lastname when you copy a message?


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Hello @abrownaus. Unfortunately there is no setting or anything for this. Of course you can always leave feedback to Microsoft on this topic, perhaps if enough people have similar concerns this will result in being picked up as a future change. To do so, you can click on the Help icon on the left navigation bar in the Teams client, and from there select "Suggest a feature" or "Give feedback". 

This is a kind of weird feature. We lose lot of time removing each time the name, the time and the new line.
Now, the feature is that it copies also the following message....
Please, could you please make copy and paste normal as in any other application?

this is not a feature, it is a bug... you can't just "put a hat on a bug and call it a feature". PLEASE FIX, THIS BUG REDUCES USER PERFORMANCE

I think MS will call this a defect, instead of "bug",
IMO, there should be a better "copy", and a feature "FW"!!!...

normally, what I do is
1, for link , right click, then have "copy link"
2, for content, select from the end to the beginning, not the other way

this is inconvenient as well, but at least these work(face palm)
Same issue affects me too. Please fix!

MSFT any update???? This is a terrible issue that affects Intel employees multiple times a day.

Respect for this tip '2, for content, select from the end to the beginning, not the other way'

@pvanberlo there are now like 10 or more issues on the microsoft feedback portal. This is the type of feature that I don't know who thinks is useful, but that provides mucho more friction than what it helps, if i want the name, i could copy the text with the name, if I only select the text, just respect what I have selected. seems obvius..