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sometimes at my work we send each other links to files/folders on our internal server. The only problem is in teams when you do that you get the persons name instead of the link.


So they sent me a link to a folder, I select the link in the text and copy it. However if past that into windows explorer I just get the time and their name. 


[15:12] Firstname Lastname


Is there a way to get it to not include the Firstname Lastname when you copy a message?


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Hello @abrownaus. Unfortunately there is no setting or anything for this. Of course you can always leave feedback to Microsoft on this topic, perhaps if enough people have similar concerns this will result in being picked up as a future change. To do so, you can click on the Help icon on the left navigation bar in the Teams client, and from there select "Suggest a feature" or "Give feedback". 

This is a kind of weird feature. We lose lot of time removing each time the name, the time and the new line.
Now, the feature is that it copies also the following message....
Please, could you please make copy and paste normal as in any other application?

this is not a feature, it is a bug... you can't just "put a hat on a bug and call it a feature". PLEASE FIX, THIS BUG REDUCES USER PERFORMANCE

I think MS will call this a defect, instead of "bug",
IMO, there should be a better "copy", and a feature "FW"!!!...

normally, what I do is
1, for link , right click, then have "copy link"
2, for content, select from the end to the beginning, not the other way

this is inconvenient as well, but at least these work(face palm)
Same issue affects me too. Please fix!

MSFT any update???? This is a terrible issue that affects Intel employees multiple times a day.

Respect for this tip '2, for content, select from the end to the beginning, not the other way'

@pvanberlo there are now like 10 or more issues on the microsoft feedback portal. This is the type of feature that I don't know who thinks is useful, but that provides mucho more friction than what it helps, if i want the name, i could copy the text with the name, if I only select the text, just respect what I have selected. seems obvius.. 

I'm also frustrated with this bug. Please make just normal Copy feature, Microsoft. 

The current copy including persons name is weird and ridiculous. It hampers work efficiency. 

I always have to delete unnecessary lines after pasting, which is rather frustrating.


Have exactly same problem - very annoying. Why should i do this extra work to copy link, paste it to notepad, copy only link part and then paste it ?
This should not work like this. It is terrible user experience.

Still same.

Imagine copy address from address bar and all we got is the word "Google Chrome"

Hello everyone, if this issue is annoying you PLEASE upvote it here:

Fingers crossed we can get microsoft's attention and get them to do something about it!
This has to be resolved, whoever thought this was a great idea :skull:



One workaround is simply selecting it with the selection cursor instead of triple click.


However I periodically forget that copying in teams works differently than all the millions of other applications and then it copies something I did not tell it to copy. This is extremely annoying.


Applications can and should assist you and provide you with optional choices that could increase productivity. Applications should NEVER make choices on your behalf and certainly not without asking first or without informing you.

Arrogant application: "you selected and copied A, but I think you actually wanted to copy A+B, so I copied that for you instead without asking you or even telling you (or showing B highlighted too). You are not allowed to refuse this feature, because I know what you want better than you do"

Nobody asked for this feature and many asked for the feature to be removed. In fact the user can always explicitly select the username and timestamp if that's desired so if a user needs it it was always available anyway.

@John_Bloggs655 I found a hacky workaround.


Select the message text and hit SHIFT+LEFT ARROW before hitting CTRL+C to copy just the text+formatting without the name and time stamp.


This works with CTRL+C only and not the "Copy" option in the context menu. This works regardless of whether you select the message via selection cursor, triple click, or double click and CTRL+A.


@Microsoft this is NOT an acceptable workflow and does not solve the problem. Having to take my hand away from the CTRL key or off of the mouse to do a simple copy and paste is ridiculous. No other program I use has this issue.



Your trick only works in Teams' "Chat" tab, not in Teams' "Teams" tab. The cursor trick works in all situations, but it's tedious.

This annoying bug still exists 2 years later.
Pushed this to Feedback Hub, hopefully someone will notice.

Whoever decided that appending extra text to the text that user is copying should not be the one that makes user experience decisions at any company.