Teams control bar cannot be hidden

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During meeting, if you share something or check other windows in your computer, you got the little Teams windows to view the speaker. In that little windows, we have the control bar at the bottom. (check the picture below).


I'm searching on MAC and PC how to hide temporary this bar to see completely the video from the speaker ... I've done a lot of research and impossible to hide this bar. Sometime, this bar is in the face of the speaker when his camera dont have a good adjustment. With Zoom, this bar is hidden automatically and appear when the mouse pass over ... is there a way to do that with Teams?






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Hi @StevenRPF ,


it seems like you can't hide this. I had the same research and behavior was the same on Mac and Windows. 

I just created a feedback. Please upvote and share and maybe Microsoft will improve that!


Thanks @StevenRPF . Will do