Teams Contacts has Too Large of a Footprint

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As a University, we are eventually migrating from Skype to Teams.  I have been an early adopter, so I can help others with the transition.  I am very unhappy with the desktop space the chat requires.  I want to see my contacts in a small region, and always have it displayed.  I can only reduce the window to far, and then the contact names disappear.  I am all for the Teams migration. PLEASE PLEASE Microsoft if you are listening - your users need a MUCH smaller footprint for Contacts, similar to Skype.  If others agree, please add your voices and let's make this a reality.

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I would suggest that your requirement is probably due to years of using Skype, and you'll find the way you end up using Teams is different as the product works differently. There's no real need in Teams to monitor users presence before you start a conversation, just message people whenever, it'll always reach them. I generally use the command bar, Ctrl-E then /pop first few letters before it finds it.

I respectfully disagree.  It is good to quickly glance at my monitor and see if my internal organizational contacts are free, busy, in a meeting or away.  Teams does this, but I have to leave the contacts window up, taking up too much of my monitor.