Teams contact card displaying incorrect data

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We have an issue currently where Teams is displaying incorrect contact card data for some users, and not only incorrect but data from 3+ months ago.  I've seen this reported numerous other times but it is usually a cache/AD issue but we only recently moved from SfB to Teams 3 weeks ago so I don't think local data would be to blame (and force closing/updating/re-installing hasn't helped either), and our AD/Azure AD/Office365/Outlook Contacts are all displaying the correct/updated information.  I'm kind of at a loss here and wanted to see if anyone else might be able to offer some insight, thanks in advance!

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@dandis20 - is the information consistently wrong for a set of users?  If you have local contact information for a user that could display "localized" information.  Also, if you compare desktop app vs web app contact information for a contact with these issues can you replicate the different information - or does one location show correctly?



Thanks for the reply Josh!  As it turns out it was indeed just local data, and I was simply misinformed by a tech regarding the date of the incorrectly displayed data.  Simple logout, terminate process and re-open cleared it up.

@Josh Leporati That was the same problem for me. Logged out of Teams and logged back in and it shows the correct info now. Thanks Josh

@Josh Leporati do the users with the missing or wrong contact info have to sign out Teams or do I have to? In our on-premise AD and 365 admin center has all the contact info but it does not show up for the users in Teams correctly.