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we have a PA that i gave a Dial in number licence to when returning to their desk they wanted to update and existing diary entry with these new details by copy and pasting this info from a new blank calendar entry (if that makes sense) 

after this the below popup showed but and she apparently clicked no but a few mins later looks like quite a few of her invites then got resent with updated phone details. is this something people are aware of or how we can check if anything has been set to do this.

As we will be adding this feature to 700 staff we don't want a re-occurrence 



thank you.


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Hi @mahesh1915, that won't work what you are trying to setup. When you assign the dial in license to a user, the user cannot copy the dialin information from a new blank meeting to the existing meetings. That's why you get the error information.


Each meeting gets a unique conference ID which is used for the dial in process.


I'm not sure what happens when you schedule a Teams Meeting and assign a dial in license to the user afterwards. Maybe you just need to open the existing Teams meeting and send an update with the dial-in information added.

If not, the user needs to renew the existing Teams meetings by canceling the existing meetings and set up new meetings with the same attendees.


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Happened again to another user. i gave her Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to USA/CAN license and then other meetings sent out an update with the phone number, ones she wasnt even on.