Teams conference details auto generated with every new Outlook meeting

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Hi All ! 


I'd like to have Teams meeting generated with every new Outlook new meeting by default so that staff are not required to click the addin.


Is this available with group policy or macro ? and has anyone had any similar experience ? 



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Hi @anthonyfield 


In case the Microsoft Teams Client is installed on the desktop for all the users by default the Microsoft Teams Add-in is installed in the Microsoft Outlook for the users. 


User Microsoft Teams Add-in in Outlook


Here is a Tech Community Article for your reference.


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Satish U

Hi @Satish2805 


Sorry my question was poorly worded, what I would like is Teams conference detailed generated for every new meeting by default and not just when the add-in is clicked by users.  

Hi @anthonyfield 


For that you need to add-on Microsoft Teams Conferencing Licenses to all the users to whom you want to have the conferencing details populated. Once the licenses are assigned to all the user accounts by default all the details will be populated in the Teams Meeting.  


Here is the Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing Details 


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Satish U

No @Satish2805, all staff have the appropriate Licenses, what i am asking is for teams conference details added to every new meeting without staff having to interact with the addin. 

Hi @anthonyfield 


Probably I am not following your ask completely. Apologies for the same. But if all the Licenses are assigned to the user account and If the user schedules the Team Meeting through the Outlook All the Meeting Details and Conference Details should be populated automatically.


This is how the screen looks like when I Click on Teams Meeting in my Outlook


Let me know if the screenshot helps for your understanding.


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Satish U




@Satish2805 I have my Outlook Web Access set up to automatically generate an online meeting for every invite, but it defaults to a Skype meeting - is there any way I can have it default to a Teams meeting?




@Satish2805 ,


While your answer is great for the Web Client (to which I honestly sparingly use) and that you can do the same thing in the Outlook mobile app, how can the same functionality be achieved in the Outlook client installed locally on a machine? This is what I am pretty sure that the original poster of this question is asking and what I know I personally would really like to know as I am getting tired of creating a new meeting and then having to make sure that I click the Teams Meeting button to add the Teams Meeting as the location and put the details in the body of the message.



Hi, I would like to be able to do the same thing - use some setting from my Microsoft Outlook for PC to automatically add an MS Teams meeting to every meeting I create in Outlook.

I know is possible, it was set up that way by default in my previous workplace.


I am not using the Outlook Web client. I am looking for the solution with the Outlook desktop client for PC. 

If this is a setting that requires someone with a Corporate IT Administrator privilege, please let me know as well.

Hello @Dragos,

Whenever we schedule the Teams Meeting all the details are getting auto-populated into the meeting invite. If someone schedules a regular Outlook Meeting the options will not be populated as it s a Outlook Meeting,

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Satish U

I have the same requirement as you all, @Dragos_YOW, @armellef and @anthonyfield:


1. as a user, I want all my meetings created in Outlook to automatically be Teams meetings, whether via the Webapp, Outlook client or mobile app; or licence type. I do not want to manage this setting in my personal account or device. I want to be able to remove the Teams info if the meeting does not need to be a Teams meeting.

2. as an IT Admin, I want all meetings created in Outlook to be automatically be Teams meetings for all users. I want to make this change once, centrally.


Is there a global setting that will achieve 1 and 2? 

I can answer #1. There is a setting under Outlook client > Options > Calendar called "Add Online meeting to all meetings". When this is checked and I create a new meeting and goto add invitees, it automatically adds Teams Meetings details.

@Ed_Kerstetter the option "Add Online meeting to all meetings" is not visible in Outlook Client.

Please share screen shot if possible.

@Ed_Kerstetter Thank you! Much appreciated. I now see that instructions for end users to change this setting individually are set out here: Make all meetings Teams meetings. Happy days!

@Shubham_Singh- you'll see the screenshot you asked for here for both Outlook Online and Desktop client.