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is it possible to restrict access to the webfrontend and block the Teams Desktop app or Mobile App on specific accounts or devices.  


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Hi @ErikVet ,


What is the problem you are trying to resolve? 


Removing licenses from users will stop them using Teams both internal and external networks. 



I'm not sure if this is what you are trying to achieve but have a look into Azure conditional access:

I hope it helps.
Hi @ErikVet,

Sure, you would use Intune to block the app store and permit only specific apps on the mobile. You could use applocker policies to prevent the desktop client from launching on Windows 10.

Some articles to help you would be

However, it would be recommended to test this thoroughly before implementing it. Since Teams is rolling out in Office 365 Pro Plus you could also consider using the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) with an exclude value set on Teams to deploy it without Teams for the desktop.

Hope that helps to answer your question!

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Best, Chris

@Ricardo Viana 


thx ... that worked. Conditional Access was the right hint. The Last time I looked at this it was not that feature rich I tink. Many Greetings Erik !