Teams community, multiple discussing spaces?

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Does anybody else wishing to see more than current discussion spaces on Teams in here? Now when everything is under same topic it is pure mess. I'm wishing to see topics like:

Teams Admins

Teams Client

Teams Calling

Teams Meetings

And perhaps some other more.

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Hi @Petri X  Thanks for the suggestion.  Just curious - do you ever use the search feature and if so, does that help narrow down your topics?

Hi @Therese_Solimeno 


Yes of course the DuckDuckGo helps :) But sometimes it is interest to read comments from other users/admins, and perhaps helps them if possible. In that case it is better if there could be some kind split between different topics.

But of course, this is only mine own view for this :)

to managment, I think you are right

but as there are not too many discussion for Teams everyday, don't think it's necessary for end user now...


But I believe we have lot of users (or let Teams have), so if they are not here to discussing, where they are, in Reddit? :smile:  But also, if there are more spaces, could that attract more users to open their thoughts?