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Is there any reason why there is different between tenants to communicate with them on Teams? It means sometimes when I search for external user in Teams and start to communicate it works, but for some other tenant (other organization) I can find external user but when I start to chat I get error. Both have teams on their organization. Any requirements needs to fix on the other side?  

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@elaheh Hello, yes there are several settings an administrator can configure for Teams and external communication. And you're correct, if your external settings are configured properly it's not necessarily set up on the other side. Please reply if you need more information than this.

Thanks @ChristianBergstrom 

Can you please send me an article to see what kind of configuration do we need?

Is not open for all organization by default? (since we can have communication with some organization, and i think it means from our side is open).

@elaheh Hello, I believe this explains what you're describing.


Manage external access in Microsoft Teams


Let me know if you need additional info.


Thanks a lot @ChristianBergstrom for the useful article.