Teams Cloud Voice & Dect phones

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Hi there,


I have been researching a lot of stuff the past days because i am looking into a new PBX solution and since i am already familiar with O365 and use Teams internally, i thought it would be wise to look into the Teams Cloud Voice solution, being it in the Cloud or by Direct Routing.


Now the more i got to read & know, the more confusing it got and there is one question where i can not find the answer for.


We still use several dect phones, mostly per department so that some one can call that dect & reach some one, no one specific, from that department and the phone not being stuck on one location, you can still walk around.

Now the thing is, i cannot find if MS Teams even supports this kind of devices, nor do i know or realise what the alternative can be. Either an alternative to using dect phones, or an alternative to make our dect phones work in combination with MS Teams.


If possible, could some one with a lot more knowledge than me help me out here please.


Thanks in advance for your time guy's & gal's!

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Would the Team's app on a mobile device not work as a replacement to DECT endpoints? If not your SBC can serve as a registrar server to provide registrations to those endpoints and you can use manipulations to get calls in/outbound.
Teams on a mobile can work - charity I work for has one with a charging cradle. Was a bit tricky to find a cheap one for ~£50. Works except ringtone is too quiet. That's more a problem of the phone than teams but not being able to change the ringtone doesn't help