Teams client stuck on version (64-bit) 12/2020

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Is anyone still having a problem with the Teams client not updating or receiving automatic updates?

Our issue started with users reporting blurry shared screens in meetings back in Feb 2022. As users reported other problems like not being able to download files in the Teams client and the loss of backgrounds in Teams meetings. The common denominator is the version from 12/2020.


There are at least 40 users that we know of stuck on version from 12/2020. We are following the MS best practices for deployment using SCCM. We have had a support ticket opened since Feb 2022 with no progress. Our affected users have lost all confidence in Microsoft Teams.


Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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@SherryHensley for 40 users I would be tempted to get someone to manually uninstall and reinstall an up to date version, but if you do want to automate it then it will depend somewhat on how you installed in the first place, and what was blocking the users upgrading.


If you used the Machine Wide Installer, which is generally best practice then you are probably so far out of date that you need to replace it with a new version, then allow that to update the users copy. It's fiddly but Microsoft guidance is available from GitHub - microsoft/TeamsMsiOverride: Scripts to simplify the updating of the Teams Machine-Wide Inst...


Teams clients generally don't get stuck on a version, I would really want to understand what had prevented the automatic upgrade from happening otherwise it'll just happen again.