Teams Client source ports in different scenarios: call to PSTN via Direct Routing VS audiomeeting

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I would like to describe the following scenario to better understand which Teams client ports are used.


1) I make a call via PSTN via DR where the MBP is not configured (all audio traffic is directed to the cloud on the MediaProcessor) and UDP traffic is ok --> Are Teams client source ports between 50000-50019 ?

2) Other scenario: I configured Tenant changing audio port from 50000-50019 to 40000-40019


I make an audiomeeting with 3 client --> In this conf audiomeeting traffic media comes from 40000-40019 , correct ? Now I make another PSTN call via Direct Routing --> what about source port media traffic from PC client? Still on ports 50000-50019 ?

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The Network Configuration mentioned in the attached screenshot is specifically for the Microsoft Teams Meeting. For any PSTN calls the port would always be 50000-50019 for Media and for SIP Signaling it would 1024 - 65535. This is irrespective or Media Bypass or Media Flow through.

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