Teams client "Loading Microsoft Teams" issue TM236316

1/29/2020 4:30 PM PST Edit:
(Official documentation for this issue has been released under the M365 Admin Center - Service Health Dashboard message (TM236316)). Please use that message (which is marked below) as the formal communication of use.

Title: Some users that utilize the same username with work/school and personal Microsoft account can't launch Teams desktop app

User Impact: Users may be unable to launch the Microsoft Teams desktop client.

More info: Affected users may see a message that states, "Loading Microsoft Teams"; however, the client does not load. Affected users may be able to load Microsoft Teams in compatibility mode as a workaround. Alternatively, the Microsoft Teams web client works as expected. Users with the same email address for their work and personal account can rename their personal account by following the instructions described here:

Current status: Our short-term mitigation and long-term remediation efforts are progressing as intended. To prevent further impact from occurring in new downloads of the Teams desktop client, we've updated the Teams download page with a prior build to prevent further recurrence of this issue for any future downloads.
As a longer-term fix, we are currently testing and validating the effectiveness of an updated build. This process is progressing as expected and we estimate that the new build will be ready for deployment early next week. In parallel, we're continuing to develop and test an additional fix that will update users' current version, as well as automatically remediate the issue for any user that is in an impacted state. While this work is underway, users with the same email address for their work and personal accounts have the option of mitigating impact by navigating to the page, uninstalling the client, and redownloading the updated version.

Scope of impact: Impact is specific to users utilizing the same username with work/school accounts and their personal Microsoft account.

Hello everyone,
We've identified a bug on the latest desktop app build that prevents a small number of users from signing in, as users would hit an issue loading the client similar to the following screenshot:

Screenshot 2021-01-26 212515.png 

This issue only affects/affected users who use the same username with their work/school account (AAD) and their personal Microsoft account (MSA). Any currently affected users should uninstall Teams and download it again from or use the Teams web app while we resolve the issue.

Note, if you're currently using the same email address with a work and a personal account, Microsoft recommends renaming your personal account as described here:

Sam Cosby, Teams Engineering PM
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If you ever need to check if a user has his work/school account registered as a Microsoft account as well, browse to and enter the email address.


Screenshot 2021-01-28 121846.png


That said, it would be extremely helpful if an Azure admin could get a report on all email addresses in his domain that are registered as MS accounts for troubleshooting and helping to reducing those double accounts.

@Sam Cosby what is the minimum version for the fix? We have a few users for which we removed the double MS account, reinstalled Teams and deleted the cache but the issue remained.

@Sam Cosby 

Hi Sam,

We are still having issues with mac users in spite of downloading the latest version & installing it.

Any suggestions here?  Thanks!