Teams client is not showing Teams list

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Our organization is currently in the process of moving our message history from Slack to Teams. We used a third-party solution to handle migrating the existing Slack channels into Teams. 


Those Teams and channels have officially been migrated over and I can see those within the Admin console.



Things start going sideways when I attempt to add Owners to the Teams. The admin console makes me attempt to add the Owner, it will say 'this team member is already...' and after refreshing the page, the owner will then populate.


After testing the ownership of teams and adding myself as either an owner or member for ALL migrated teams, none of my teams are populating within the Teams client or the web version. 


Strange, so I decided to take myself out of a team and see if I can add myself through the teams client. I can see the team but when I click to join the team, it says 'the team does not have an owner.' That's obviously not the case since the Teams admin console is showing an owner assigned to the team.


I have also attempted opening the Team link through the admin console and no dice. I get a connectivity error.



I've placed a few screenshots detailing the errors.



Any help would be much appreciated!




TEAMS-ISSUE.pngTeams - lost.pngTEAMS- NO OWNER.png

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@Cdunn31 How long are you giving it when adding in Teams admin/o365 admin? It takes awhile to propagate the actual underlying group membership when adding things outside of Teams client. Add owner to Teams and give it an hour. Also login to and login, it will show faster as well as you might have a cache issue going on with the client. 

Hi Chris, thank you for the reply!

So part of the Slack-to-teams migration involved the 3rd party creating the Teams for us. They completed that task on 7/31.

Today, I started adding owners at around 12:30. I've checked multiple times on the Teams client and throughout the afternoon and no dice on either end.

What I have noticed is when I add myself as an owner of a team through the admin console, the Team disappears from the Teams list when I click on 'Join or create a team' within the web version and Teams client.

I have already cleared my cache for Teams too as well as uninstalling and redownloading the Teams client.