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While using TEAMS for presentations or training, some users have found a way to be listed as a participant without actually seeing the presentation. They participate via chat, but don't get the full experience. Is there a way to ensure that everyone on the particpants list is actually viewing the presentation on their devices? Their status circles remain green and their status shows as available, however that is also possible for people who are in the meeting.

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Why would one attend a training while not being present? Are you in education with kids?

Have everyone turn on their camera as mandatory, assign someone to be your co-organizer / moderator and why not send out a form with questions about the presentation.

This is more about adaption than a technical solution.

@ChristianJBergstrom I appreciate the reply, while the learners aren't children, they do similarly abhor attending trainings. Forced camera use isn't an option as folks are permitted to take the training from a desktop that does not have a camera installed. That said, even a question that isn't read, and is only seen on the presentation, or a form would be able to be answered by replicating answers in the chat. I am looking for a technical way to ensure folks at least have the visual portion engaged (even if they choose to look away).

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You shouldn’t send the form in the meeting chat.. when you share content everyone will be presented with that on their screen. There’s obviously no technical solution to force them to view.