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We have a line of business that uses Skype to send urgent info to a small group of managers. There are about 150 people total on that team that could potentially chat that small group of managers to engage them for assistance. They do not want the notifications to pop up on all 150 PCs but you have to be a Team member to chat the Team. How do we allow others to Chat a small Team and only those folks receive the notifications? If they add all 150 as Team members to be able to chat, they don't want all 150 getting the notifications and such...but, only the 7 managers. Thanks so much for any advice/suggestions. Much appreciated.


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Hi @TracyL4920,

you can consider the following options:

1. Create a separate Team or Channel: Set up a Team or Channel for the small group of managers. Invite only the managers as members to this Team. After that, add non-team members as guests or external users who can participate in the chat without receiving notifications.

2. Instead of creating a separate Team or Channel, you can use private chat or group chat in Microsoft Teams. The managers can initiate a private chat or create a group chat with the non-team members they need to engage with. This way, the non-team members can directly communicate with the managers without being part of the larger team and without receiving notifications.

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@LeonPavesic Thank you!! I appreciate the information - we went with the Private Group option and it seems to be working as he needs it!! As you can see, fairly new to Teams so thank you for being kind and sharing the knowledge. Have a great day!