Teams chat stuck as external

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I have a teams chat,

It was originally created with external members. 

it no longer has any external members.

Is there a way to change it a non external chat?


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The chat was initially setup with an external person, so the chat is setup using the external tag as some of the features aren't available outside of current tenant.

And what if you add another internal person to the chat? (Never tried it, so don't know the outcome).
I assume that it will stay an External chat, so if you want to use all features again you should recreate the group chat.

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Mitchell Bakker

@Mitchell Bakker 


we have removed all externals, and added new internal people since then, it does not change the tag.


Yeah recreating it is what we figured would need to be done, but I was hoping there was a powershell way or something to force it.