Teams chat not usable on desktop/web with Windows 10

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Hi, with todays update it is impossible on our tenant to use the chat. It is really slow. It affects only Windows machines (4 users). Affect is on Teams and Personal/Group chat, when you try to type smth. It is really slow/impossible to type.


On mobile, on MacOS clients all works fine. We disabled hardware acceleration, and suggested replies for a test. Nothing helps. Any ideas?

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We're seeing this too. I investigated a little on the Web Client and you can see 100% CPU usage for about 5 to 10 seconds when you switch from one chat to another.
We are also seeing this after checking for an update and refreshing. However, the version is still (64-bit). We have massive lag in any Chat window. No keyboard lag in other windows (Team conversations, calendars) or switching between elements of the app. Any typing in an individual chat is extremely slow, 5-10 seconds before what we type appears in the input box.

@Aaron Ott On the same version, same issue. Cleared Cache, restarted, nothing changes. Like you said only the chat window with Massive Lag

If you pop the chat out, the popout window will perform a bit better (still not like normal though). At least typing works a little better though.
Same version and same issue, looks like the version has some issue.
Update from our side. Starting with today MacOS users experience the same lag issue.
Same for me. Also on version (64-bit). Teams has become unusable. It is in the desktop client and the web browser. Also joining online meetings is going very slow. do we have any updates on this? I see nothing in the service health portal about this. And it is already ongoing since last week friday for me.

@wetennis I have several colleagues complaining about it on 10161. However I'm on 10161 and not having the issue. I'm not going to restart teams if I can help it.

Seems this problem might only exist on the TAP Beta version. We've switched to the Developer Preview version and that has solved the problem for now.

@wetennis Yep, same here! Just about completely unusable, takes 10-20 seconds to see what I've typed in show up on screen, clicking from convo to convo is painful, web client just about as bad as Windows desktop client. My CPU usage is consistently next to nothing (always have ProcessExplorer CPU history graph running in the tray) when the Teams issues are happening, so I have no idea what to try to fix. I am in the TAP program. Testing Developer preview now but it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference so far. 

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FWIW I've updated and been using this version:
You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 4/25/2022.
...for the past few minutes and the type lagging issue has disappeared so far. Previous version was 4/22's. Developer Preview still checked, TAP program.
@Casey, where did you get this version? I just downloaded the latest from official.

How ever TIP HELPED. Once I enabled Developers preview it works! Hit three dots, select about on windows in the menu. Check Developers preview.

You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 4/26/2022.
Some of our users have had success by clearing out their local %temp% folder and then they can switch the Developer's Preview back off and everything runs fine.

@wetennis I just went to the 3 dots and hit Check for Updates and it said it had something new after like 5-10 minutes, had to restart Teams and it updated to the new version. Checking now for the 4/26 version!