Teams chat history in shared meeting rooms

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We have a resource (room) account for our meeting room which works great for booking the room. That account is logged into from a Windows PC in the room (attached to a touchscreen) so that users can join the room the Teams meeting for VC.


The problem is that any chat history is retained. As this is a shared room in which confidential matters can be discussed, it is not appropriate for the chat history to be visible in the room after the meeting has ended. Is there any way to automatically wipe-down or prevent the Teams chat from coming through in the room? We are resorting to manually hiding each chat one by one, but this doesn't seem substainable. 


Many thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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@AnilGupta use a Teams Meeting Room device rather than a shared PC, it will maintain confidentiality and is broadly a better experience for use in meeting rooms.

We had same concern with one of our customers and we used the below solution.

Create a new Messaging policy, with CHAT feature turned off. Assign this policy to all resource accounts used to login to the meeting room PC's which will disable the chat completely in Teams.
Suggest users to chat 1:1 in case if they need to during the meeting or can use their own accounts to chat.



after applying the policy like you suggested chat is disabled for the resource account however the chat history persists in the resource account for chat between other participants.

@Patrick Reid Correct, the policy is better called "Contribute to chat" as it doesn't hide or remove the chat feature. There is no way currently to remove chat entirely from the regular Teams client.

@Steven Collier  Hi Steve, I'm trying to address the same issue here. Could you elaborate on this solution "Use a Teams Meeting Room Device" ? 



@Neil_Foy Microsoft have a specific client and certification programme for meeting room devices, the app is then optimised for these shared use scenarios to maintain privacy between meetings.


There are lots of different types of room hardware with this app installed, see Microsoft Teams Rooms Packages and Systems | Teams devices

@Steven Collier but this involves buying hardware, which we don't need.

We're in the exact same boat as OP here. We have a several rooms added as "resources" that are shared with many users. The meeting chat history stays in the rooms after they leave, so the next people that are using the room can read it. 


It's hard to believe that Microsoft didn't think about a way to disable this.

@BMERCIER45 Using a standard user account for a meeting room is not supported and is not allowed within Teams licensing (you may not assign an E license to anything other than an individual user). Microsoft have a well-considered solutions for meeting rooms, with an appropriate license, then you won't have this issue.

Hi All - OK, so what about a Microsoft Teams Display, like the Neat Frame. We are using this device. When it is in "hot desk" mode, there is a still a (non personal) account associated with the device when it is not being "hot desked". And this account can be used to take / receive calls / meetings / chats. The history of this seems to just stay in place, so if someone does this (e.g. by accident, or not being security aware), then the chat history is revealed to anyone with physical access to the device, even if they do not sign in to hot desk. Is there a solution to this?
Did anyone figure out a solution to this? Seems really odd that their is no way for resource accounts to atomically delete the chat after the meeting is over.