Teams chat date format still wrong, not following OS.

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The Teams desktop client (using it on Mac) is now supposed to follow OS regional settings for date/time formats, but it doesn't.


In Finland, our shortest time format is "H.MM" and shortest date format is "d.m.yyyy" or, when the year is not required/applicable, "d.m.". Neither whitespace nor leading zeros are to be used anywhere in short date formats, leading zeros are used in minutes.


When Teams formats dates for the chat list and drops the year, it assumes it's OK to leave out the trailing dot and, adding injury to insult, prepends leading zeros to single digit months. See where all this goes?

Person One      10.10
Someone Else  11.11
Dude Three      12.12
F. Madman       15.06


Did I receive the latest message from each person in October, November, December and June or earlier today? Not kidding here; Please enjoy an actual screen snip.




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