Teams chat crops photo previews

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Lately, when I send a .png image (I share a lot of screen shots) Teams Chat has been automatically cropping the preview shown in chat so you can only see half of the screen shot. The entire picture cannot be seen unless you click on it and open it in the full screen view. It's only been doing this for about a week, so I don't know why this has suddenly changed. 



I have confirmed this happens with .jpg images too. Also, I am on a Mac. I'm the only one on my team that this happens to. 

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I am having the same problem suddenly. 
Our team always checks in with each other, says Hello, drops a meme or joke or such.
I sometimes post a screengrab or photo with a punchline. 
Been doing this for over a year. Suddenly the right side of the uploaded photo, picture is cropped off.
Kinda ruins the joke if you can't see the whole thing.
ANYONE have any advice/thoughts.
Comedy shouldn't be this hard...

I am having the same issue. Right side of jpeg or png is cropped. I am on Windows 10 and Office 365 account. Just started having this issue around Feb 10, 2022.
Anyone have any advice/fix?

@kgriffith00 I'm having the same issue and it's really frustrating.

Same issue here with our whole team - Mac and Windows users and both app and browser. Started in Feb 2022.
This is a major pain (on Windows OS too). where can we report this to be addressed?

@Paul_Naude I've opened a support ticket via our O365 Admin console and have submitted several logs to MS already. I'll try to keep you posted with any updates.

It does seem that if you shrink the Teams window width to just before the sidebar begins to auto hide/pop-out on hover, that the images appear to display correctly, for what it's worth.

Same issue here - this is a real problem when sending screenshots on how to fix a technical issue, but you also have to add instructions on how to see the screenshots...
Same issue here...cropping often cuts off crucial info in the image, and leave the person I'm speaking to confused. I have to instruct people to click the image to make sure they view it correctly...this is the worst. I am on Mac.
This seems to be happening to more and more people. I can't figure out where to report this issue because everything just seems to redirect me back to these forums.
The new Microsoft Uservoice looks like it is now called 'Feedback' - there is a thread on this issue there. We need to get in there and vote this up:

@Rae Jobst thanks for letting us know. All others, go to that link and vote.
I also plan to take my original comment, update it and re-post it in that thread. 
I can't believe this started happening in January or February and hasn't been addressed.
thanks Rae!

@dougieieie I just got a response from the MS support team that they said the issue has been acknowledged by the engineers and that a solution should be deployed by the first week of May.

Great news!

thanks for passing along.



I don't know if anyone else figured this out and apologies if this is old news, but I figured out a workaround to the annoying problem of the crop preview. You have to post a portrait image. .png and .jpeg, it doesn't matter. It seems to be the ratio between the height and width has to be exact for it to post the full image. For example I can get an image that is 1123px wide x 1685px tall to preview correctly. So long as I leave the ratio to adjust automatically I can change the width to anything. If I manually change the height it starts cropping. Still annoying but worth exploring. I just got fed up today and decided to figure out a cheat. I hope this can help someone until they fix it.

best response confirmed by kgriffith00 (New Contributor)
Issue appears to be resolved while testing on Teams v1.5.00.9163 (Win 10).
Yes, it looks like it's been fixed for me too!
Microsoft Teams Version (Mac OS)

You are correct sir!!  I just tried it and it worked.


@kgriffith00 I'm on that version (9159) and still seeing the problem.