Teams Chat can't attach files for certain users

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I had a teacher come to me with a weird issue that i have since been able to replicate.


Private chats with certain pupils allow attachments, GIFS and Location to be sent.


But with other users with no observable pattern as to why, have the above features missing from the chat + function.

This severely impacts teaching as we are heavily reliant on Teams and using the chat function to share resources with pupils at home isolating or otherwise.


All pupils have the same Teams messaging policies as do the Staff.


All pupils on A1 Plus for students

All staff on A1 Plus for Faculty




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I see these pictures are from the mobile app, do you get the same in the browser? It can be that the app has cached some old data, and can be reset under Settings ... Data and Storage.


If it's consistent then there must be some policy difference.

Thanks for your response Steven, the browser version + Microsoft application don't exhibit the same behaviour. I have tried clearing the cache via settings reset toggle to no avail, deleting the app and reinstalling doesn't help either.

All pupils are on the same messaging policy within the Teams admin portal as are the staff so i'm not sure why the differing behaviour between random pupils