Teams Channel Posts and the Files Folder

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When people post images or files into a Teams Channel conversation, Teams automatically saves that image or file into the main Files directory for that channel, rather than in a more suitable location like a Chat subfolder.

This must be something people have been asking for, for years: How can we change this? Any Teams channel must look like an absolute burning pile of trash, with screenshots building up in the outermost directory of the Channel's file/folder tree.

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Files go into the channel folder, images do not, they are stored outside SharePoint like messages.



Hi @Steven Collier , unfortunately images are stored too if you use the "Attach" icon to send it.


If you use Copy/Paste resource, images won't be stored there. 

@thiagofonseca If you upload an image as a file from your local machine using the desktop or web version of Teams it will be a file. If you copy/paste, or insert an image on mobile or take a picture it won't be a file and will only be in the media service.

@Steven Collier How do we get to those images and use them in a sharepoint site?


@EricSpletzer AFAIK there isn't a way to access the Teams media service directly, so you would have to download/upload to get them into SharePoint.